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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

This last few months have been interesting to say the least, not only in my business but also personally.

I was devastated like many others when my clinics and private practice were shut down in March to stop the Coronavirus spread; this was my financial bread and butter. My dance projects where none existent as the entire industry was axed. Then to finish me off, my digital business projects dried up as budget strings got pulled-back by companies I worked for. As a freelancer I found myself unemployed ... but not unemployable as a key worker in care (Which for me, was the easiest and immediate way of working and having purpose).

Yes, I transitioned to mainly work full-time as a carer which was scary, harsh in practical and mental shifts, but with me working in pain management massage and rehabilitation, I found clients medically interesting and was delighted to eventually be asked to work as a sport therapist within care for those in isolation alongside care work.

If someone had said to me I would be a carer 2 years ago, I wouldn't have believed them as what could possibly happen that would change my path so dramatically to what I ambitiously wanted to achieve in the creative industry and sport therapy.

But change happens regardless if it is in your control or not. Today, as I look back on the past 7 months I wouldn't change my decision for the world. I've loved working in care and still do. I have found so many skills and experiences that have enhanced me, not only as a person, but also professionally. I will always be humbled by the army of frontline carers that welcomed me and shown me the ropes. The clients I work with are wonderful, fascinating and interesting individuals that have their routines and preferences, which I have found myself jumping through hoops to get their approval.

The similarities to my other practices have been the basic purpose of meeting the need of a client. Regardless what job you have; if you don't deliver, you are no good in what you do. When I first started working as a carer the fact that I wasn't any good and didn't know what I was doing really frustrated me - I even shed a few tears because I was not meeting the clients needs regardless of the training I had before starting. It was only through getting to know the likes and dislikes of each client and the good old fashioned practical experience that improved my skills and gave me experience (I must admit I'm still not the best carer because I'm too interested in their physical wellbeing lol).

To gain experience you need to take action.

When I was able to open my practice again - My gosh I was busy! I reduced my days as a carer. My sport therapy bookings went through the roof. It seemed as if everyone had been waiting to pounce after suffering with their aches and pains for months - So I delivered my usual face to face service (obviously PPE'd up to the neck!) But I wanted to do more to help my clients. My experiences in working within the care community and with health professionals led me to an idea that I could implement easily in my own sport therapy practice ... Care Plans!

Within my role as carer I'd seen for myself the holes of mismanagement, lack of communication and the fragmented paths that clients had to suffer to get anything done for their wellbeing. 'Patchwork' is an understatement - I do not know or pretend to understand is the workings of our NHS or care systems. But due to seeing clients not get needed rehabilitation work, intelligent stimulation or emotional connection to say the least. I reviewed my own work and how to improve my clients needs.

My belief in helping people comes from a wanted 'transition'. If a person wants something to change for the better, regardless if I am dealing with their muscular pain or self development transitions. Working with their physical, emotional and mental obstacles gets them to change faster as a complete person. It's also better for their wellbeing and in sustaining their self development. So I created forms that question clients attitude in what they do, their emotional state and their physical daily pain to name a few. Now the plan of making my ideas into reality had to be in research to ensure these actually add value to clients wellbeing.

Just get started and the rest will fall in place

My research to see if my care plans actually work were done online remotely and offline physically with current and new to me clients. I set up groups and my fabulous current clients were delighted to have a boost in their current work with me! After 2 months of data collecting and factual proof I can proudly say....Yes, they work!.

So now, I am happy producing videos, exercises, techniques, classes and programmes to meet the various needs of participants for musculoskeletal pain.

Exciting times! As this means I have the opportunity to help more people online and offline to get 'complete' care in their wellbeing. - Check out my class schedule or pass it on to a friend.

This is a testimonial from a client, I may be able to help more people too x

Visit my website to see what I can do to help you. Sign up to my mailing list for updates and information on wellbeing as a 'complete person'. Book one of my services or view the free content including blogs and podcasts.

Please share this post on social media or email it directly to people that may be interested in my help.

Until next time... stay safe and well Xx

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