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Here is where you will see products that I have produced & recommendations.  This page has affiliate products I've researched that I want to share the coupon codes and discounts with you. I think we all love good deals, so if I find any, they will be here.

I enjoy writing especially poetry.  When I taught drama I used poetry to tackle lots of issues and explore pupils own feelings.  There are times, as in dance, you can escape and explore rhythms too... after all, lyrics in Rap and songs are expression of speech so using words in rhyme or prose provides me a freedom of speech and exploration of creativity.


I published Secret Poetry in 2016 with the follow up book Hidden Secrets in 2017. These books are available on Amazon or direct via my email admin@gillianbeattie.com . If purchasing direct you get free postage and packing and 10% discount while stocks last.  


£10.00 each

If you follow me on Facebook I am constantly posting to plan, get organised and take action... so you have no excuse as here is the biggest calendar company online and they always have deals and sales on.  You can get 20% off by using this link. Get ready for 2020!

This testing pack for allergies is a great price and something you can do in the privacy of your own home.  A few years ago I went privately to get tested as I had stomach problems.  The results made so much sense and I was able to adapt my diet.  I totally recommend this if you are having any issues and want to ease your mind. 

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