Help Yourself Before You Help Others

Do you actually do this?

We all know and understand that during an aircraft emergency the drill is to put on your own oxygen mask as quickly as possible. The reason for this is that if you don't look after yourself you can't help others, which is perfectly understandable. But my point is that, regardless of emergency scenarios, it is hugely important to give yourself time for self care to improve your quality of life and capability.

If you are unable physically to perform activities or tasks you are already having to deal with a barrier before getting anywhere, which is hard in itself. But having strength physically AND mentally helps you to adapt and keep going.

This also applies emotionally. If we don't deal with our inner selves we create our own subconscious obstacles which can be debilitating, preventing us from doing anything. This can give rise to lethargy, sadness, a lack of energy and a feeling of “I can't be bothered...that will do! “

Sometimes our emotions have consequences...

To help give you a brief mental lift you might …....

  • Buy clothes or goods 'and that will make me feel better'.

  • Eat something nice 'to give me energy and stop me feeling tired' (usually junk food that ends up making you feel guilty).

  • Have a drink of alcohol as a treat at the end of a day that ends up being most days.

  • Drink or eat sugary foods to get the high surge before wanting more and more.

  • Taking drugs to escape moods so problems 'go away'. But they don't go away and when the kick has gone you feel even worse.

All these things are consequences of our emotional state and it's worth delving deeper into the WHY we are doing the things we do. I've blogged before about the '5 Whys' but you should ask yourself as many times as you like until you find the answer and, very importantly, acknowledge it.

If you are unhappy with something in your life ask yourself why are you allowing it to happen. It may be that you are self sabotaging your own progress. Whatever you decide to ask- try it.

Here’s an example ...

1) Why do I turn to alcohol for a treat? Because I deserve it as a treat for my day’s work.

2) Why do I feel I need a treat for my day’s work?

Because I don't treat myself any other way, and this is easy and inexpensive.

3) Why don't you treat yourself any other way?

Because I don't plan ahead to organise a treat that means more to me.

4) Why don't you plan a proper treat that means more?

I fear I may get ill and die with Covid19, which is currently all around us, so there is no point in planning anything.

5) Why are you frightened of illness or death? Because I will leave this earth without fulfilling what I am supposed to do. I feel useless and not in control.

etc... etc... etc

So through this example you can see how answering questions reveals different layers of the mind as to why we do things and what the underlying feelings and reasons are. Through doing this exercise you gain an understanding of yourself, a power over your choice and an awareness of control :

1 You are aware, can acknowledge and understand the reason. You accept it and enjoy the moments more.

2 You CAN do something about it. You can change your habits to better suit you.

3 You don't have the 'barrier' in your mind as you know the WHY. This is powerful and allows you to move forward more easily.

Understanding the WHY, gives it a rational reason so the 'act' is not a habit but an active choice. There are MANY other reasons why our mental and emotional state suffers and I came across one amazing technique that works in curing ME, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme Disease, Long Covid among other viruses, The Perrin Technique. I will go into more detail about this and share a brilliant audio podcast, but the truth in the research is that through self care we can do amazing things to keep us fit, healthy and well.

In my work I deliver and advocate the foundation skills of massage and exercise. I also work closely with clients’ emotional transitions, as it is through their mind, body and mental attitude they can enjoy a new lifestyle where they are in control of managing their body's muscular and lymphatic health.

I am amazed when I hear that it’s only when people are diagnosed they get supported with self help care. This is something that we can all do even from a young age. Education is the key as these are life tools and should be shared. If you are seeking self help tips ensure that they are coming from someone qualified, insured and experienced in their field. They must know how to teach safely for you to understand exactly what areas of the body to work on and the specific points to address. I am all of these things but I wanted to make you aware of the safeguards Xx

This leads me nicely onto my new programme in self care (available in March). In this you get to know your muscles and turn your hands into tools to heal safely. But you don't have to wait that long as my live classes on self care are every Monday at 5.30pm for your upper body, Wednesdays at 5.30pm for your lower body and Saturdays at 9am for full body muscle release work - book now.

So back to my new role model in helping others as a complete person... Dr Ray Perrin!

I learned about him when I received a text from a friend asking whether I deliver The Perrin Technique. So I began researching ... hours upon hours of fascinating findings from podcast interviews, YouTube interviews and methods, books and research papers... It made sense! His work, research and practice is amazing ... and he's from Manchester!

Today I am proud to share with you some of my information found. The Perrin Technique™ is based on Dr Perrin’s theory that different stress factors whether physical, allergies, emotional or infections lead to an overstrain of the sympathetic nervous system. Further investigation has led to a probable cause of this nervous system overload being a build up of toxins in the fluid around the brain and the spinal cord. Some of the poisons caused by infection or inflammation in the head or spine flow through channels from the brain into the lymph ducts of the head face and neck. The toxins are also meant to drain down the spinal cord and out into the lymph ducts lying along the spine. In a CFS/ME sufferer there is a back flow of these normal drainage points which leads to further toxicity and dysfunction of the central nervous system. This leads to all the many symptoms we see in CFS/ME. This has been researched and a proven cure for over 30 years. I am disappointed in myself to only discover Dr Perrin's work now... better late than never.

You can listen to the man himself as he's interviewed on this episode of The Delingpod : James Delingpole's podcast. It lasts little more than an hour and is worth every minute.

Through listening to this I discovered that in some cases from birth, if the cranium has been squashed in a certain area, it can result in the brain not draining properly with the toxins building up through the years which can lead to ME... Please listen through to the end as he discusses a variety of diseases and new developments taking place. I've pre ordered his book (I am definitely a fan. I haven't been inspired like this by someone's work in years). The changes he has already made in people’s lives are beyond words and what may come in the future is even more exciting.

So, back my work in self help care and what I can do for you today. I'm no match for Dr Perrin but I may help you in getting pain free and a positive outlook. So get in touch.

My social media is listed below or call/ text 07702 809 751.

To end I'd like to do a little exercise for your wellbeing. At times it is the small moments that can pick us up to carry on. This is a 'thankful' exercise to get the positive vibes flowing and enjoy your moments :)


Get a pen and paper and write down:

This week ...

  • What are you grateful for?

  • What has made you smile?

  • What challenge(s) have you overcome?

  • This week I have achieved.....

It doesn't matter if you do one from the list or all of them. Being thankful and appreciating moments brightens up who you are.

If you wish to do another one... ask yourself

  • What is it I'd like to do? From this answer ask yourself

  • What is stopping you? (list the things you come up with)

For every answer you have listed... ask yourself

  • Why are you so good at ...... (and write down the positive interpretation to an answer you had on your list). Complete your list and you will find that the barriers that are stopping you just dissolve as there are ways around it and actions to do in getting you where you want to go... SO GO DO IT!

Our brain works like Google and provides answers and facts - the key is to ask it positive questions so we don't become debilitated with doubt and negative thoughts.

Good luck and let me know how you get on by connecting with me :

  • Messenger (Facebook is Gillian Beattie my icon is a pink musical head :) )

  • Instagram (gillianbeattie_ )

  • Linkedin (Gillian Beattie - Sport Therapist & Creative Entrepreneur)

  • Twitter (gill_arts2ultd )

Thanks for reading

Gill x

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