"After a relapse of ongoing back pain Gillian had me walking better after just one treatment.  I can safely say that now after two treatments my pain is a lot more manageable.  I can not recommend her enough - Thank you so much Gillian" Lucy Howarth. Wigan.

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If you click 'Hello' you will find more information about my projects with links.  If you click 'Services' you can see what I currently produce to help you online - pain relief, self help techniques, personal transitions and growth including career paths.

My experience spans over 20 years from working with dancers, athletes, disabilities and end of life.  This has helped me manage muscular health issues in a multitude of situations. It doesn't matter if you are a sports person or not as aches, pains and muscular problems can be reduced or gone!  The Complete You is my belief system of working with physical, emotional and mental strategies to transition you to a new place for a better quality of life - More can be found here.  I have a new YouTube channel  (please subscribe!)  This  will be for information, treatment examples and 'time-out' relaxation sessions.  Please tell a friend, especially if this may help them.

My Mobile Face to Face Treatments
I live in Wigan and travel to clients and business premises (0.45p per mile round trip). 
I work in pain management and occupational wellbeing.
  • Fit for work tests

  • General Muscular Injuries 

  • Pain Release 

  • Posture Correction

  • Promoting Physical Wellbeing

  • Rehabilitation Work

  • Care Plans

  • Sport Injuries

  • Swedish Massage & Deep Tissue

  • Massage for tension, stress, anxiety

My Online Treatments

  • Consultations

  • Care Plans

  • Online classes in physical health and pain prevention

  • Free YouTube exercises and information

  • Free downloads​ 

Find out more about sport therapy 


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