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Welcome, I'm Gillian Beattie. I enbrace change, the wellbeing of people, health/safety of businesses in the UK. But mostly I enjoy empowering people and businesses to grow.   


My passion is helping others, please see my BIO page for my experience. 


They do say 'variety is the spice of life' and I'd agree as during the course of three decades I have acquired a wealth of experience in many facets of safety, health, dance, business and rehabiliation.  

Projects are in alphabetical order...


Arts2u Theatre Company - Artistic Director from 2000 - 2019.  

I produced  Theatre-In-Education, Public workshops, events and projects within the North West.  Co-produced The Dixie Dean Story tour, The Shankly Story. I worked in collaboration with John Keith on projects including; Bob Paisley Reluctant Genius, Kendall's Kings, The Kop's Roman Carnival among many others. 


A Secret Poem - This is my hobby website on poetry. A treasure hunt to find hidden poetry through images or coordinates.  Lots have been found but some are still out there !  

I am honoured to have 2 books published if you wish to see my pieces.  :  Books  

I am honoured to have my 'Treeman' poem published on The Map of Poems  in Billinge, UK: Take a look

beatt2write - A website that gives you an insight into my minds eye... if you dare to go there !

This site is an offload of thoughts, emotions, issues and passion. I post new work, ideas and link to other amazing sites and work.

Blog - This is fab... no bias intended :)  Opinions are my own.  Mainly a dance blog sharing my 30 years experience in all forms of the industry. If you go back to 2017 posts you will see my Moroccan trip and a few sport therapy articles that are interesting if you are not a dance fan.

Consultant - I work with a commercial businesses consulting in occupational health and safety, I also have the privilege to work with individuals in creative development - Get in touch to work with me.

Dance Inspire UK - This is my site to advocate our UK dance industry. With working inside and outside of the dance industry I know how talented and hard working dancers, teachers, choreographers and creative entrepreneurs are.  Yet they are so under-represented in what they do for our society, health and wellbeing of children and our economic culture.  They mainly fly solo, so i wanted to have somewhere that all bridges of commercial, private and public sectors could engage.  A massive quest and one that I was doing on my own so I was only able to scratch the surface and encourage listeners to fly the flag too!  Check out the podcast DANCE INSPIRE 

FreeStand Films - I was delighted when asked to be part of this production team as film, t.v production and multimedia opens up a whole new world. Please visit the website, follow our progress and sign up for Premiere releases and updates... hopefully released in 2021.

Health & Safety - My health and safety compliments my skills gained through working in occupational health as a therapist therapist also my creative skills in running my own business and solving solutions.  I have NEBOSH GC and IOSH managing safely qualifications and am currently undergoing the NEBOSH Diploma.  Let me help your business be compliant and safe.


Sport Therapy - After many years as a dancer and teacher,  I advanced my knowledge in sport therapy and gained my final qualifications in 2014 to provide treatments in rehabilitation, prevention of injury and posture correction. I am delighted to have worked with people from all backgrounds, colour, race, ability and physical ability as pain is pain, no matter who you are. It is my job to get rid of it and help you reach a better quality of life... So that's what I do!  

The Complete You - This is part of my experience and knowledge growth.  I see people daily wanting a quick fix on something they have been living with for years.  This happens in all aspects of life eg - you have a physical injury, your business is stuck from growing or you feel lost in your personal life.  The Complete You is about acknowledging where you currently are, managing where you want to be and taking action to achieve change through plans created by YOU. Take a look and join in sessions to begin your change in situation :)

That's enough about me, I want to know about you!

 Get in touch and lets CONNECT!


Twitter @gill_arts2ultd

Instagram is gillbeattie_

Instagram for Dance Inspire is danceinspireuk

Instagram for writing is beatt2write 

Facebook general page 'Gillian Beattie' (pink head image)

Facebook 'dance inspire uk - public

Facebook sport therapy - 'Gillian Beattie / sportinjuryuk'

LinkedIn - Gillian Beattie

Pinterest - Gillian Beattie



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