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Initial Call

Hi, I am here to help you get on track to a better quality of life.  Book a time-slot for a chat and if I can't help, I can signpost you in the right direction. Please text me for availability - This will be an online video call


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Monthly Care Plan

HALF PRICE!  Help is at hand to spread the cost and participate in my new service for self-help advice and tools.  Be in control of your muscular wellbeing.   This includes : consultations, exercise plans, reviews, monitoring and discounts for online classes.

Now £25


Book a consultation.  This is your first physical assessment.  I work with your  mobility movement, provide treatment and exercises with the outcome of a plan. I attend your home or work location - Sessions are 1 hour.


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Book a class!

Get involved with live classes that motivate you to move your body and release muscular tension.   


"If you don't use it, you lose it"


Repeat Therapy 

Recurring physical treatments for your muscular issues are discounted.  Attending your home or work location - Sessions are 1 hour (Travel is additional @0.45p per mile - round trip).

£30 + travel

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Join an event

Life is about having fun together with looking after yourself so I am planning fun things to participate in - The more random the better!  Take a look what we have on our booking site


Personal / Business Development

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Accountability Group

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Practical skills to help your business

Hourly / Day rates