Dance-Education in the UK

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

There are so many paths to take within dance, the journey starts young for most. But there are lots that benefits from dance through school classes, community groups and one off events. I have noticed through working in primary, secondary and higher education institutions that there are those that find dance later in their lives and for the talented few, dance has a harder hitting impact of passion, expression and creativity.

I have seen such beautiful natural, unlimited expressions with unique creative movements that were only possible because these participants did not have 'set training' dictated to them. Their innocence and movement was free. It became something beautiful, something inventive, something fresh.

That beautiful path of dance-education is accessible for all, has no boundaries and has the freedom of movement created through themes to journey into every bone, emotion, expression and self exploration. Yes dance-education can achieve this and so much more... obviously depending on the passion, skills and talent of the teacher. (New Edit*) There is funding available to train if you are interested in teaching in education. Information can be found on my April 2019 blog or you can listen to my podcast on Funding (Ep 18 - Links at end).

Dance, drama, creative arts and many art or cultural-lead work can challenge issues, challenge self development and artistry. Dance in education has breath for wonderful workshops and classes that encourage pupil participation in experimental compositions and lay the foundations for our future dance-education teachers and choreographers. Tori Drew (Dance Inspire podcast Ep 16) is a great example of how her career was invented by her school dance teacher.

As we all know regardless if dance seeks you out through school, elite training, cultural events or community projects. It brings participants closer to being accepted for who they are, it brings like minded people together which creates a family community with 'care' at its core. It helps find peoples identity and enjoying something of worth for themselves. Yes dance has a huge impact on others ...

How are you involved in dance?

Do you have someone who inspires you? why do they inspire you?

Let me know as dance in education is last on most headteachers list.

To hear Dance Inspire podcast episodes, click here

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To visit the funding page, click here

Keep being your fabulous self and share your talents and skills to others - DANCE :)

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