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Links (Extras)

This list if for information mentioned as an extra on the podcast.  Please see podcast page to listen to specific episodes.


Ep 31: Wages & Business Talk
Ep 30: Caitlin Trainor - Dancio (online dance professional classes)
Ep 29: Sarah Shead. Producer & Founder of Spin Arts
Ep 28: Christmas Special - Reflection and life habits
Ep 27: Paul Scott Bullen - Solo Artiste
Ep 26: How Dance Effects Change - Socially, politically, personally.
Ep 25: Communication & Marketing
Ep 24: Motivation - The inside and outside perspective
Ep 23: Is Dance Worth It As A Career?


Ep 22: Inspirations from Season One
Ep 21: R.A.D episode notes as promised
Ep 20: Money
Ep 19: ISTD information
Ep 18: Funding link as promised
Ep 17: Terry Hyde: Mental Health & Wellbeing
Ep 16: Tori Drew: One Dance UK - Dance in Education
Ep 15: Sharon Collins: Smile Productions (international events)
Ep 14: Heather Benson- One Dance UK. Dance of the African Diaspora
Ep 13: Digging Deep - Gillian Beattie on being your best
Ep 12: Dance News - Gillian Beattie whats on the scene.
Ep 11: Chris Manoe - Dancers Inc
Ep 10: Dr Sarah Black: Pathways in dance
Ep 9: David Waring: Transitions Dance, Trinity Laban
Ep 8: Gillian Beattie. Dance News whats on the scene
Ep 7: Toby Garniak MBE : Morals and Purpose - Founder of Street Factory CIC
Ep 6: Sarah Gittins: The Dance Den. Dance as a business
Ep 5: Arsen Serobian: Ballet and what can become if you collaborate
Ep 4: Debbie Barrass: Wealth of Experience. 
Ep 3: Jack Byrne: Helping Others - Advocating Cystic Fibrosis
Ep 2: Ryan Jenkins: Making it happen in the dance industry
Ep 1: Gillian Beattie - Be your best and respect others
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