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Hello and welcome to this site fellow dance lovers.  My name is Gillian Beattie and I advocate dance but more importantly what the dancer within is capable of!


We have outstanding talent, platforms, access and people in every reach of our community delivering and changing peoples lives for the better with dance.  For users of Dance Inspire UK it is about connecting and sharing.  It may be YOU who creates the next best thing.  Be strong during these strange times - We are all in this together x


I aim to share our dance genres, journeys, experience and connections to help dance reach another level that pioneers no other.  What that is... I have no idea yet, but you might, especially through connecting with members on the social media groups etc... so this is the beginning of a new socially isolated era.  What we can do with moment is adapt and make the most of our skills online or at a 2 metre socially safe distance and communicate our passion of dance through a different lens... 

I produce a podcast DANCE INSPIRE & THE COMPLETE YOU which helps motivate listeners to achieve their ambitions.  I recently produced a six week course called The Complete Person which was a group business and self development event; hosted in the North  West (This is now postponed due to Covid-19).  However I think within these strange times these connections and resources may be an asset through this transition and bring focus to what new future your skills or business holds. 


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I blog monthly and have done so for the past 3 years so check the articles out as there are fab contacts, information and thought provoking stuff ... if I do say so myself :) x