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Hi, I hope you have been enjoying our fabulous weather. I wanted to update you on on what's been happening... Its been busy, eventful but definitely worth it!

First up I would like to big-up The Kop's Roman Carnival production as these boys were tremendous :)

Produced by John Keith (far back), with great stories from (right to left) Ian Callaghan, Jimmy Case and Phil Neal. The show went down a storm!

Audio and visuals went smoothly - phew! Cue's and timings were a dream and to top it all off we had the talented Ian Ross ending the show with his stunning vocal of You'll Never Walk Alone. This was truly a night to remember.

If you enjoy seeing your football hero's on stage (Liverpool or Everton) John Keith produces work at least once a year. Subscribe to keep updated here


No matter how many times I work within productions, speak in public or take workshops; I get nervous. I continually double check my work and stress it's all going to go wrong. Madness considering I've been working in the industry for over 25 years! For those people that do feel the nerves, remember everyone is exactly the same, It's part of the adrenalin rush and It's through pushing yourself through the nerves you attain your achievements - It's all worth it!

Guest to Southport Theatre Company

I was delighted to be asked to deliver a workshop on drama skills in Southport. Some actors do get complacent if they are being taught or directed by the same person. Bringing someone in can be refreshing. I loved it! I met energised people who inspired me to do more with them and caught up with the tutor (Angela) who used to be on my training programme nearly 10 years ago - How old do I feel!

I got a lot from their achievements and our connection was great. Seeing their capabilities grow through the improvisation exercises, skill drills, poetry and atmospheric work - what can I say.... I WAS IN MY ELEMENT! Thank you for asking me Angela x

Working in schools

This is an exciting time for poetry! with the lead up to World Poetry Day.

I am wanting to hear from Primary schools within the Wigan area who would like me to deliver a free poetry workshop from my new book Hidden Secrets.

I am also experimenting with a new series of age appropriate poetry for reading and reciting that I would like to test out. - Get in touch here



I have been delivering dance workshops at St Oswalds Primary School in Netherton, their Yr 2 pupils performed at Southport Theatre for Wally Cain festival doing a devised contemporary piece Christopher Columbus Reaching New Worlds. My assistant (Elizabeth William) and myself were very proud of them, they loved it. (Can you believe that most had not seen inside a theatre :(

Our end of term performance with all year groups was well received (13th July) Thank you to pupils for working hard and putting up with me :)

A great term for creativity of my favourite subject - DANCE!

Yr 1 - African animals from Kenya.

Yr 2 - Christopher Columbus reaching new worlds

Yr 3 - The Viking attack at Lindisfarne

Yr 4 - The Firebird

Yr 5 - Our City, Society (dealing with loneliness)

Yr 6 - Ancient Greek Gods

Career's in Theatre Arts

I do get asked about careers in theatre arts and where is the best place to study. It always comes down to the talents and ability of the student but I have posted on my website a guide which I hope will help those that want to know more about the performing arts industry.



I have been asked to help direct a documentary on William Ralph Dean! This is such an honour and I am only too happy to take this new venture with both hands... and legs.... and eyelashes!

Thankfully I have two great men standing with me from our theatre production The Dixie Dean Story, so not too scary. More details will be posted soon :)

Here are some other updates I have for you.

Free - Health & Wellbeing workout

New - Facebook page for sport therapy

Take care, have a great summer, stay safe, healthy and please share, like or comment. I always enjoy and appreciate your views.

Gill x

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