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Trust... Have we lost it?

With all our panic buying I wonder if this is a consequence passed down over time from our leaders in power? I will explain myself...

In all businesses you plan to get your product and services out to users safely, and successfully within budgets, so you make a profit and grow. This is usually done through objectives, goals and devising policy-processes which are communicated through the chains of staff. These things are the basic requirements in running a business. Communication being the key to an effective team that knows what they are doing. Leaders set good examples through their actions so implementation of tasks are successful and a positive culture of change is met. It is expected for leaders to know what they are doing and communicate to their workers these basic requirements. Actions from power set good examples to others, people understand their boundaries, feel secure in support and have a sense of belonging to a team as everyone is banging the same drum to successfully complete the objective...The 'business' of our country has over the years in my opinion, dropped a few basic requirements - What is happening in our society ? Has trust disappeared within ourselves ?

I personally have lost trust in our British Government. I feel let down, unsupported, not seen or heard and insignificant without a say in the standards we live to.

I suppose I am like a teenager in seeing my parents as average human beings who make mistakes for the first time. Their power over me crashing through the floor as I rebel - I may be in a teenage crisis in finding my identity and purpose... Just one of the 67 million who may be feeling the same way (By the way I am certainly not in my teenage years lol).

What can I do about it? I always remember my mum saying 'You can't control what others do' which has been my mantra for years and means they need to find out for themselves. In my job role I know I can't MAKE people do anything so I provide information so they can successfully work to set methods. I also inform them of consequences if they choose to break them. They have a choice to agree or refuse and a change management processes begins. I can support, assist, be approachable and have communications open. Give advice, help instruct on training, show what is expected etc But it is up to them to learn, want to be part of the team and walk the same path as the company.

Communication is key.

We have never been good with dictatorship so engaging to bring knowledge to someone is a gift for them to make a decision and be in control of their life. Wouldn't it be nice to think about others and their understanding of a situation in order to help them out? ... Food for thought for our British journalist's. Are they writing to sell a story rather than informing the reader without bias?...I may be wrong but it comes down to trust. Do I trust the ethics, source and intent?

My principles around trust is it has to be earned. I believe it is earned by building relationships, being reliable and dependable. It takes time to build trust yet only one moment can break it.

I am one person from Wigan who wants to start building trust again in our society... I can't do it on my own...Will you join me?

A wellbeing challenge

If you choose to take this challenge let me know how it went x

... In our everyday situations look around without judgement. Wouldn't it be nice not to blame people, shame people or call people idiots when they bulk buy. (In my mind peoples actions are reactions to what they believe is right through fear, lack of knowledge, insecurity or being overwhelmed with their current situation). Your challenge is to:

  • Actively think of good things about yourself, who you are, and how you feel. (At least three times a day)

  • Take a deep breath in when you wake up and inhale your fabulousness into your soul then on your exhale feel the negative crap leaving you.

  • Be conscious of how often you judge others and let those thoughts dissolve.

  • Be conscious of your negative comments and thoughts about yourself and others and let those thoughts dissolve.

  • Be respectful to people around you - It's free and feels great! - Especially if they are in a bad place. You don't want them rocking your vibe so empower yourself and be super nice.

Now lets see how your week goes :)

I hope you have found it interesting or food for thought. As always remember you are unique and have a purpose in this world. Be proud and make the most of your fabulousness !

Gillian Beattie

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