Dance Blog July: Dancers Be Prepared!

Updated: Apr 10

It's harder these days for dancers to get a job ... In todays industry dancers are entrepreneurs and have had to evolve to get ahead and stay ahead.


Ballet, tap, modern, acrobatics, street (and the many genres incorporated) , commercial, acting, singing, musical theatre, instruments, photography, videography, editing, publishing, posting, managing social media, understanding app software, understanding and using computers, tablets and phone technologies, mixing, editing, form applications, calls, administration and managing life, friends, relationships...


Dance, music, anatomy, child psychology, teaching, physiotherapy, marketing, digital technology, business development, design, photo capture editing and compressing, grammar, English language, website development, software, hardware, audio and visuals, accounts.

The list is endless and at times overwhelming when a young dancer steps out from college or university into their own business of employment or self employment.

So what can we do for them? What can we do for those at a cross roads in their career? What can we do for those who are not stimulated anymore in their work? What can we do to help ?

You can connect with like minded people (That's what our Facebook group is about at Dance Inspire Uk) where I motivate, support and encourage you to achieve. Dance Inspire Podcasts are available to give news, interviews and updates on what's going on in the dance industry. There are organisations like One Dance UK who can help through courses, programs and funding. There are jobs and auditions that are available through the Arts Council and other independent companies. Links to these are on the Dance Inspire page here.

There are lots of groups and resources, it's a choice if you want to put the effort in (There is never an easy fix just an enjoyable route on the long journey to success).

Why am I going on about this?

It frustrates me to see so many people give up or do mediocre work when they can push themselves more. With motivation, support, guidance and purpose you can achieve so much more which is why I began Dance Inspire. Eventually my aim is to work with businesses and world class consultants so Dance Inspire listeners and group users can engage, find information quick and ACT on it!

Thank you for reading, Podcast is going live on 1st August. I am doing a Facebook Live on Friday August 10th at 7pm (talking about anything and everything, even a bit of dance goss) It will be lovely to meet you and hopefully you will get something from it... or laugh when I mess up lol (I've never done a 'live' so it might be eventful ha ha)

Please email me if you want to share a story, news or shout-out for the Podcast. Excited as got Ryan Jenkins lined up for 15th August on an interview so looking forward to that!

Look forward to engaging with you and talking dance!

Gill x

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