The Complete You is my belief system in working physically, emotionally and mentally to transition our health, business or personal life as a whole; regardless what change or pain you are going through.


I currently work in physical health to improve a person's quality of life and reduce muscular pain. I also assist entrepreneurs to reach their goals or targets.  In every case regardless if they have personal, business or physical issues there is a transition of change mentally and physically before achievements are reached.


I have a free download coming soon that allows you to evaluate your current situation physically, emotionally, mentally and for you to focus on what your purpose is. Subscribe to get this and all my downloads automatically.

Book an appointment online or face to face and see if I can help.  Alternately please browse through my list of resources.​

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There is no point in waiting to take action on something you know will benefit you... what are you waiting for. Check out what can be achieved and book!

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Join in a class to help reduce muscular pain or tension in the comfort of your own home.

No matter where you are in the world these sessions are open to all who want to learn about an area of the body, how to manage pain and what to do to get rid of pain and prevent injury.  

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Grow in self development, reach your physical targets or grow your business venture.  Either way, join a group to help you commit and get results!

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I have always liked technology and gadgets. Through my career I have edited and created AV for theatre productions and had the privilege to be a producer for a documentary... I can't help but enjoy the creative process so I am delighted to try YouTube as a platform to offer video help in health and wellbeing :)

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Everyone needs a little time out to stop, listen and refocus.  Especially in the mix of Covid-19. 


Here you can listen to my new podcast and try these sessions to see if they help.