Welcome to The Complete You section of my website which I am delighted to share with you.

This is all about YOU.  To give yourself time out, to talk and connect with like-minded people and to find your pathway in your career.


No pressure, no medical reports or psychology tests.  If you listen to my podcast or follow my blogs and website updates, you are already a like -minded person and we have similar things in common. 


Welcome x

I believe you are born unique, perfect and have everything you need within you... My Time Out is about tuning into it, letting go of stress and being free so you can function at your best.  These reflective relaxing sessions can be heard on my new podcast The Complete You.  You don't need any special gadgets just click the link in Time Out and listen (audio only). 


Feedback is essential for me to improve and get it right to help you. Please email or contact me via social media.

During my training and 5 years as a therapist in sport massage and posture correction.  I have worked with people from backgrounds of dance, construction, engineering, retail and health.  We all get aches and pains but it is managing these that can help us work longer or live better with mobility. PAIN MANAGEMENT - Click to visit the therapy website.


For my work colleagues, clients and followers.  This months blog Toolbox for Covid-19 details information for practical help - Take a look!

Remember, especially at times like these, it is important to talk and connect - Please use me to offload, ask advice, bounce ideas off or find connections. One to one chats, group accountability or both can help you.

These are strange times - book away for free x

There is a donation button to help me provide you with online services for those that can support.

Gill x

Enjoying Outdoor

Everyone needs a little time out to stop, listen and refocus.  Especially in the mix of Covid-19.  Try it and see if it helps.


Video's and pdf documents to help reduce pain.



I am not a medical substitute but I am here for you on a personal, pain management and career level.  Get connected to make a difference. 

It's good to talk!  Book online now.

Online Face to Face

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Grow in self development, reach your physical targets or grow your business venture.  Either way, join a group to help you commit and get results!

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