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What I can offer Your Business

We help keep your business compliant in every aspect of our UK law.  The risk and responsibility of your competent person does no longer mean you spend hours of your time checking up on your activities, services or premises.  We can do it for you and for a fraction of the price of a wage - Win-win situation and an honour to help businesses in this way - I LOVE IT!  

Who'd have thought my experience would benefit so many people in this way and hopefully myself or one of our team can help your business.

If you have 5 staff or more (paid or unpaid) there are certain things you have to put in place by law. Call for us to help. 0800 6128162, email us on (let them know you seen it from Gillian Beattie's website)

Hopefully I will work with you soon.


Occupational Health. Safety & Wellbeing

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