What I can offer Your Business
  • Health & Safety Officer tasks - Does you business need someone occasionally to help with being compliant with UK law and conduct the paperwork for your small business? I do audits, check policies. Assist in how to do inspections and risk assessments.  I can produce training and inductions to suit your business also do the necessary administration work.  Email me if this is something you are interested in.

  • Staff care plans - If you are a business that conducts manual work (eg Retail / construction work / manufacturing etc) I can help staff with a musculoskeletal care plan that is reviewed annually to ensure they are fit to do their job roles and if any work related injuries occur I am on hand to help with muscular rehabilitation so staff can stay active for longer.

  • Staff health reviews - A one day drop-in to check staff's welfare and refer if needed (emotional and physical care) Reports delivered to management.

  • Team Building Day Events - Running a theatre company for 20 years and working with schools, businesses and the public sector.  I have produced many successful events businesses.  Fun, creative thinking and team strategies involve one or more departments. Get in touch to discuss opportunities to grow as a team.

Not in a physical location?  Work with me online.

My online projects get you thinking out-of-the-box and experiment with the ordinary objects. Plus fun!  You can't go through one of my projects without having a good time - Life is too short.

Occupational Health. Safety & Wellbeing