Health & Safety

For those that do not work with me I am happy to provide information and help your business be safe and meet HSE standards (small businesses).  I have created a website and online resource for staff including training for LMI Solutions Ltd - Please view their website  (I've coded staff sections for privacy).  This is a snapshot of their interface.

H&S online training example image.png
For LMI & my existing clients :)
All online training and websites are being remotely updated.  Onsite visits have been stopped.
See you on the other side :)

Physical Therapy (Sport Therapy)

For those that haven't worked with me yet.  I help in solutions for pain management.  I have a clinic and attend home session in the Wigan area for 1 to 1 delivering massage, rehabilitation and occupational adjustments.  I am not a medical substitute.


My new online self help treatments is for guidance only due to the Coronavirus - Stay home, stay well and keep in touch with people and myself online.  It's good to talk! it really is essential to talk to people while isolating yourself as it helps your mental state of mind.  Please see my new COMPLETE YOU section for wellness resources.


I am pleased to say I have updated my site with self help pain management information and online video calls that can be booked to help you through these times 

Don't be a stranger, I am here to help. 


'Keep your physical body pain free and mobile as this helps your mental wellbeing too'