It's in the detail

Watching the likes of The Greatest Showman or Bohemian Rhapsody films, stage productions of Hamilton, Lion King and the many talented artists on the internet I get completely involved in the story, the performance and the journey. I am a willing volunteer to a visual and audio experience allowing the production to do its best at teasing, punching and exploding my senses for me to laugh, cry, feel empathy and love; get inspired and delve to dark places all within the one film or piece of production. How do they do it? What makes these pieces exceptional? ....IT'S IN THE DETAIL.

It's not human nature to be great. It's human nature to survive, to be average and do what you have to do to get by. That is normal. When you have something good happen, it's the special people that can stay focused and keep paying attention to detail, working to get better and not being satisfied with what they have accomplished.

Quote by Nick Saban

In the performing arts sector... you are not average, you chose this career to be seen, to be noticed and make a difference. You chose this path to be exceptional in who you are. So whatever you are doing you aim to commit with your heart and soul. Only then will you grow, develop, reach new highs and surpass boundaries.

Did you know that you can already do all of this? Training and experience allows you to have the tools but you are already equipped to be able to get involved, connect and get yourself out there working with the kinds of people you want to know.

The reality is your own belief stops you from becoming who you already are. It is very strange how our own belief, respect, gratitude and acceptance of who we are today limit our reach on our capabilities. We limit our connections, ambition and future which could be seen dramatically as 'self harming' in my view because we fear what we do not know or understand, we suffer as our wants and needs will never be met so we are always disappointed, never satisfied and at times hit lows that are hard to kick ourselves out of. Luckily it is a thought process that can be changed as quickly as a thought exists - HOW FAB IS THAT!

Our mind is set to survive and stay away from danger... our brains default is fear (in most people) ... What Danger? We make our own danger by fearing the worst. We create our own barriers by restricting ourselves through fear of failure so our experiences are limited. A changed mindset is liberating, free of cost and available to you NOW, TODAY!

You are in control of your today, tomorrow and future. decisions are your choices, thoughts are how you want to see them, wants and desires are what you decide and there is only your mind that is stopping you from achieving them. How mad is that!

It is all about knowing who you are. Not telling lies to whom you want to be and pretending to be that already...That is false and no-one likes fake, false people. Real people, hard working people, committed-to-see-things-through people are those that can make their thoughts work for them and break the default mindset into success. It is that easy... Are you up for it?

To accept who you are; the good and bad points, your abilities, weaknesses and strengths and get on with doing what it is you want to do are important. Who you are today is who you are... and you are already fabulous and perfect. If you would like to be a doctor then you plan and prepare to attend university, study, work hard... etc. You are still who you are and the beautiful thing is no one else in the world can become you. You are unique :)

Now this is my favourite point. It is your detail in what you produce, how you work with others and how you make people feel. That is the bit that sets you apart that helps... the detial... the care in your work.

Episode 13 of my show THE DANCE INSPIRE PODCAST is themed 'Digging Deep' this delves into what your artistic layers may look like so please check it out there are also free giveaways :)

To be unpredicatble is to be interesting. To be exceptional is to be talented at the detail for all aspects (selling, promoting, delivering,establishing) and those reading this are capable of everything written here and more. So my question to you is - what are you going to do next?

I am your fan and waiting in anticipation... never rush... you are worth the wait

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