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It’s probably the busiest time of year for schools, teachers, pupils, colleges and anybody else working with school term schedules. With end-of-year performances, dance competitions, trips, events or exams, no wonder stress levels reach their maximum for training sector organisations at this time. It's not surprising when the number of hours in the day does not compute with what needs to get done… But you succeed... and you succeed in style!

I am very honoured of all the dancers, dance teachers and dance companies who have requested me on Facebook and shared their stories of successes, wins and love of dance – It’s so enriching and appreciated giving me an insight and connection to know what’s going on in the dance world and how I can help… or just sit back and enjoy lol. This month has been dominated by amateur dance competitions. It’s so nice to see lots of genres being represented competing locally, nationally and internationally with the biggest one I know being - The Dance World Cup.

WOW, the UK are smashing it! The Dance World Cup is a Jersey based company that organises an annual competition. Here is the website (From 22nd June, finishes 30th June)

Fab Fact - I posted this on Facebook but it is worth a repeat.

  • Did you know the Dance World Cup has over 20,000 competitors and 54 countries competing? This is more than the Olympics or Commonwealth Games !

It is a shame that dance doesn't get the recognition that it deserves which I am trying to see if a British network station can cover highlights for next year for the Dance World Cup… fingers crossed.


July Update - Full competition results here.

The below UK results are taken from the day this blog was written (28/6/18). I have collaborated results for Gold, Silver & Bronze but want to emphasise that everyone who gained a place and performed at this event has represented their country proud :). Click the links to see the documented results (It took me ages!)

Highest score goes to -

Studio: Jelli Studis.

Section: Large Group Commercial.

Routine Name: Fashion.

Score: 99.8

Age group: 13yrs - 20yrs









Dance Inspire Podcast - Multitask and get inspired, educated and connected to your creative self!

There are many podcasts out there celebrating life, talking about business, talking about dance as well as everything else you can think of. I know how much I love listening to podcasts while doing other stuff especially inspirational career ones!

They’re free to download and subscribe to, you download the app on your phone or computer and search what you fancy listening too. It’s perfect when you are on a run, driving in the car, walking the dog, washing up etc. Podcasts are snippets of information, advise and inspiration… Why am I telling you all this? Well the title gave it away but I have recorded episodes to share with you and will be uploading from next month. Whoop Whoop… You don’t just get to read my monthly dance blogs, you can listen to fab goss biweekly too!

What it will involve

The Dance Inspire Podcast will be for you.. the dancers, teachers, performers and entrepreneurs. It will have discussions, advise and interviews from pupils, teachers, performers and industry creators. Please get in touch if you want to be on the podcast, tell your story, be interviewed, ask a question, suggest input or anything else.

Thanks for reading :)

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