Dance Blog, March 2018: Creative Inspiration

In the past I have blogged about inspiration and how it can unfold your ability and vision to new opportunities and today is no exception. I have been fortunate to listen to podcasts... Yes, they are still around; Don’t Keep Your Day Job by Cathy Heller and The Dance Podcast by Lauren Ritchie. I recommend these to you as these women (although at times, don’t stop for breath) are inspirational and promote how to bring your unique skills to your business; which is YOU !

(Podcast app can be downloaded on any smartphone).

So… What’s your purpose in this world?

It's a big question but we all need a purpose, as this is what makes us get up in the morning and enjoy what we do. If you have no purpose or don’t enjoy what you do and who you ARE in this life… RETHINK! Mould your own destiny.

Personally, I have experienced many ups and downs in my career, disasters, successes not forgetting the mundane which has moulded me... into ME! There is no one else in this world that has the experience or skill-set as me... and thats were the key to purpose lies. There IS only one you!

I admit I am a dreamer; scatty and happy :). I used to be embarrassed of what others thought about me and tried to be 'more intelligent' and 'serious about my craft' but it just got exhausting and false until I completely embraced who I was. Now being a dreamer, scatty and happy are my best assets that make me good at my craft: If I wasn't scatty I wouldn't have taken risks. If I didn’t dream I wouldn’t be able to create the work I’ve created… and still do.

  • Freak of Nature theatre play that toured Liverpool (from my college days).

  • Devised musical scripts for schools (When I was in between contracts early in my career)

  • Devised musicals for professional theatre – Not commissioned yet.

  • Created an international poetry treasure hunt that ended up with me publishing 2 books and a dance calendar! (Poetry is my hobby)

  • Created work for TV - Documentary being filmed as you read with others being pitched.

  • Created Arts2u Ltd – This began in the Millennium and still exits today but smaller. In it’s hey-day I employed teams of artists producing 15 educational school workshops a week. Co-directed musicals, professional theatre plays, delivered international events, community projects. Devised and delivered a NVQ performance qualification course for 16yrs +. I was a quality assessor in further education… I can bore you senseless with my Arts2u journey… another time maybe lol.

My point is, everything I’ve listed above was not my everyday work. For longer than I remember I've taught dance and drama and ran a theatre training school. This list of extra experiences is what makes me tick: what makes me wake up in the morning, ideas that become creations. As an artiste or entrepreneur you need to change gears to keep it fresh. I find that change is great, it makes you unsettled, makes you adapt, grow, educate yourself, fail, learn and most importantly if you persist doing what you love doing… you WILL succeed.

Life is too short, you need to be your own driver and make your own destination happen. So dancers, artistes and entrepreneurs don’t wait, take action today.

A little inspirational task

Write down what you want to achieve in 2018 and do three things everyday towards making this happen. I know we all lead busy lives but it will be worth it.

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Thanks for reading Xx

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