Dance Blog, Feb 2018: Choreography

Choreography is my favourite subject to talk about... in this case, write about.

There really are no limits for this creativity. When I watch a well executed dance piece I want to be spun off my axel of expectation and taken on an emotional rollercoaster of intrigue. I yearn to see exceptional work from creative people and when I do, I feel like my stomach has been filled with the biggest Sunday lunch… a sense of fulfillment, appreciation and joy that someone created a unique moment in time that engulfed my attention. Stirred my emotions and from then on has left a memory that I carry for my lifetime. Yes, I love dance and everything about it.

It doesn’t matter what genre of dance I watch as I appreciate the foundations and delivery of them all. To be a Choreographer is not about putting routines together to music, its about the style, inspiration, meaning, vision and purpose. The role of the dancers are key, like actors are to their role dancers have to define the emotion, energy, movement, form and connection.

My daughter brought up a comment that if you dance in a group are you ever going to be a soloist? My immediate reaction was to answer 'Yes, of course depending on their ability'. This flippant answer wasn't what I wanted to say so I began to discuss further "To be a soloist only means the choreographer has seen you as a better suited role to get their story across. That's called casting, actors do the same, it doesn't mean they are any better or worse than someone else". This felt better but then I was generalising dancers abilities which isn't what I meant ... So i started again ... "I suppose a lot of uneducated people don't realise that dancers today are trained as athletes yet, I agree if you looked at backing dancers, or corps de ballet; you would assume they are a lower standard than that of a soloist. But dancers are muti-skilled they are only confining their movement to suit the choreographers group routines for the effect of togetherness and unison. Yes, they may not have been picked to be a soloist yet, but every dancer has their unique style, personality and ability to be a soloist, especially on characterised and emotional work. It is a skill in itself to use peripheral vision for complete unison like when you dance in your group competitions"... Phew.. I got it out of my system...

I will be coming back to this subject on many occasions but for now let me share this clip with you. This made me feel warm and full :)


@PhillipChbeeb & Renee Kester



Everyone will tell you it is hard to let go of pain... and it is.

Since we are children we have been told to embrace the best of our experiences & disregard the worst... But what happens when the most beautiful memories from our past end up doing the most damage to our future?

How do we let go?

How do we move forward?

The past is comfortable

The past is familiar

The past is the prison I'm fighting to escape


Videography by: Jmocak Concept/

Choreography: Phillip Chbeeb Renee Kester

Editing: Phillip Chbeeb

I hope you enjoyed it, please like and comment below.

Thanks for reading Xx

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