Dance Blog, Jan 2018: The Industry

Dance has a depth that takes the spectator on a journey, when that connection is reached, it is the peek were dance unfolds its ultimate benefits for the dancer and its audience.

Personally I think it's about time we celebrate dance in the UK. Our artistes, choreographers and dance industry professionals that make projects happen. No more ...Keep Calm and Carry On... Time to explore our standard as a dance nation... Oh, I'm on fire !

This excitement has been sparked by a project FreeStand Films are working on. I am currently researching the UK status within dance and how it has changed. Project details will be unfolded within the next six months but for now... it's a cliff-hanger, I can't give details away yet... The suspense!

Back to our dance industry... although today I can only touch on this subject but I will be coming back to it - So much to discuss...

What is it do dance?

Superficially dance has:

  • Emotional benefits

  • Physical benefits

  • Psychological benefits

  • Cultural and ethnic benefits

However to become a dancer today is a whole new gameplay. To become an active performer and artiste you have to commit everything ... and I mean everything, it is not a leisure game to be lazy in. But that is good for our industry.


To be able to create a dance routine is one thing but what I love about dance is that it has no boundaries to where the movements can expand or go within its choreography. No matter what genre, dance can be explored in all its glory, and there are excellent choreographers that are doing this in the UK, so next time you are creating... think outside the box. There really are no limits for this creativity.

When I watch a well-performed piece of choreography I want to be spun off my axel of expectation and taken on an emotional rollercoaster of intrigue. I yearn to see exceptional work from creative people and when I do, I feel like my stomach has been filled with the biggest Sunday lunch… a sense of fulfillment, appreciation and joy that someone created a unique moment in time that engulfed my attention. I want it to stir my emotions and leave me with an amazing memory that will last my lifetime... No pressure then, lol.

Are you a choreographer?. Do you want to become one? Join Dance Inspiration on Facebook and make it happen. Links at end of post :)

Got side tracked again...

Training Yes, it's true you need to train hard and long as an athlete, excel in commitment, endurance and persistence, be a wiz at management, be an expert at marketing, be an accountant, therapist and analyst all at the same time. But that's what being a dance student and self employed involves. The dance industry has always been saturated with talent but in todays social media world dancers, choreographers and entrepreneurs can make their own destination without the agents and industry managers of yesterday. Online dance industry business is huge!

For those dancers wanting to perform It is necessary to be adaptable in your skill sets. No longer are the days of a dancer, just dancing. The bar is set high and if you are in the game to participate, you need to step-up and make sure you have the moves to win the job.

  • Various dance genres (Including improvised work)

  • drama

  • singing

  • arial skills

  • circus skills

  • acrobatics

  • musical instruments

There are PLENTY of other industry fields to enter and succeed for those not wanting to hit the cattle lottery of performance. But I do find it exciting that dancers today are trained as athletes, the world of dance is evolving and I am able to watch in admiration!

Until next time...

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