Dance Blog, Nov 2017: Engaging in Dance

There are so many ways people of all ages engage in dance.

  • Social Group activity for confidence

  • Group activity for fitness

  • Skill development

  • Fun

  • Towards a career

  • For coordination

  • For health

I began dance at 3yrs of age and have had it within my life throughout. It became my profession for 10 years before teaching and going into business. Personally, I find when I hear a piece of music it sends images of movements, emotion and style to my brain and uplifts my feelings. Like a drug, I can’t get enough of what dance offers... or to what path it takes me on.

I look at it on a parallel to how actors find their inner-self when training; Dancers find their inner soul. As in drama... dance can hold a story, a belonging, a message and truth. It can inspire on many levels to the spectator yet has something beyond reach from the normal.

When was the last time you went out to watch a live dance performance?

You don’t need to answer that question, as I am the worst at getting out and about at seeing live work. Thankfully we have lots of arts online, broadcasts like…

…Not forgetting Youtube and social media sites :)

My point being: It’s not that we access these pieces of work for our knowledge but how we use them to inspires others. If we get it right, when students dance, our emotions should be stirred through their story – That's my true fulfilment and engagement in dance - To see a hard worker turn into an artiste.


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