Allied Dancing Association - An Insight.

I have grown up within ADA, RAD and ISTD through my dance training and college days. Now MANY years later attending the ADA Theatre Branch lecture today at Prince of Wales in Southport; brought back the closeness that members have and our one main passion - Dance! (Please subscribe as I am sending out monthly posture tips amongst other info on dance, sport therapy and theatre arts)

Seeing the posters of "ADA - Run by Teachers for Teachers" is exactly what this dance society stands for. It caters for dance teachers wanting to make dance a business. - What a breath of fresh air to other societies wanting to make money FROM their members!

I enjoyed todays perks of being a member as I sat back enjoying a workshop from Tap Dogs choreographer Debbie Barrass (Also known for her work in Dance Mums). A fabulous delivery of freestyle Hoofing. Her work and attitude was very friendly, relaxed and engaging.

Also delivering an inspirational Musical Theatre extract from Hairspray was Stillie Dee.

Choreographer and Director of Renaissance Arts. Leeds

Choreographer and Director of Renaissance Arts. Leeds.

Seeing pupils pick up, develop and perform her work in such a short time was an asset to their teachers. 👍

The ADA provide so many opportunities and events to keep pupils' stimulated and enriched while training; which I might add are FREE for members on most occasions.

An Insight to What I Know

They provide two pathways of syllabus training 1) Ballroom Branch 2) Theatre Stage Branch.

I am qualified and passionate about the Theatre Stage Branch as they hold the most comprehensive syllabus I know off. Not too structured so teachers have the freedom of artistry within their work.

The activities I get involved with are:

Exam Work (Teachers have the privilege of an examiner attending their school).

Structured set syllabus examinations are; Ballet, Tap and Modern from Preparatory through to professional and teacher qualifications. This provides a nice structure and progression of work.

Medal Work (Teachers own arrangements)

Teachers can enter routines in Ballet, Classical Greek, Character, National (Also known as Folk / Cultural dance). Tap, Song & Dance, Modern (Modern includes Contemporary, Commercial, Jazz, Street). Medals are also available in Disco, Freestyle, Drama, poetry and Singing.

Medal work is available for all ages and standards. It encourages the love of theatre arts and performance.

Group Work - Teachers can enter group routines of any genre. Pupils can attain medals and trophies depending on standard entered.

Organised events

ADA organise a number of activities throughout the year and are very much open to ideas and suggestions to help grow, engage teachers and pupils in dance. I have been involved on many occasions with their annual shows, competitions, scholarships, workshops and memorial awards.

Most teachers I engage with from other societies don't know about the ADA, what they do or their standard. I get a bit frustrated with the question 'What standard is it?'. Surely, if you have been trained as a dancer or dance teacher; no matter what 'society' you are covering a demi-plié and a grand-plié is taught exactly the same. The jazz pas de bourree is the same... It's the TEACHER that sustains high standards! (I am glad they have developed syllabus video's to help now though :).

Today was also a treat as a good friend Jean Marsh got voted to be on the Executive Council - Congratulations Jean xx

So to sum up and to promote something that has worked together with lots of other activities within Premier Studios for years.... For my dance teacher friends that are not part of this society – Guess what? Your qualifications can be transferred over! (If you are up to date and at a certain level)... so what are you waiting for? – Make more of your business and get involved! Contact ADA

Love Theatre

Love Dance

Ideas that came from today :)

ADA website to have theatre branch mentioned with links to its activities. (Welcome page and website doesn't mention theatre branch - Website doesn't work at times)

Possible texts to all members a week before closing dates on events. Helps engage and promote.

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