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Information on examinations for disabilities, Special thanks to Alice White x


The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is committed to widening access to dance. We have designed our syllabus to be as inclusive as possible.  We welcome and encourage candidates with disabilities to take RAD examinations, and are proud to recognise and reward their achievements, as with all candidates.


In order to enable disabled candidates to enter for and complete an examination, RAD welcomes applications from candidates requesting reasonable adjustments on the grounds of disability. In these cases, we will make adjustments to administrative and exam procedures if they are judged to be reasonable, necessary and practicable. Examples of a Reasonable Adjustment include special access arrangements to the examination studio to be put into place, or providing candidates with a little more time. Sometimes the Reasonable Adjustment is simply used to inform the examiner about a candidate’s disability, in order to ensure appropriate and sensitive handling of the examination.


All candidates, regardless of any disability, are assessed on the same criteria - and many candidates with disabilities have been successful in RAD examinations. The criteria  focus on the demonstration of movement quality in the areas of technique (for example, control, posture, line and dynamics), musicality (timing and response to music) and performance (interpretation and communication) through performance of the set repertoire.  Many disabled candidates are able to show these qualities, and can be assured that their achievement has exactly the same validity and meaning as that of any other candidate.


We have recently participated in a research project called Dance Unstuck, with GDance, Ballet Cymru, Linda Virgoe Dance Studios, and the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association UK. As a result of this project,  a new online resource for ballet teachers, community dance leaders, dance professionals and students has been developed which aims to support inclusive teaching and learning. 

Other information 

From Alice White with regards questions that were asked at the end of the interview.

We do advise all of our teaching members to have a Safeguarding Policy in place for their school and also recommend that all teachers have an Enhanced Disclosure with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), Disclosure ScotlandAccessNI, or other equivalent international body. More information is available in the Members’ area.


We have RAD Teachers’ Hardship Fund available to RAD Registered Teachers and they can apply for it as long as they meet the criteria. Eligible teachers would benefit from either 20% or 50% off their subscription. More information available in this document.


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Project B

Project B is a three-year RAD campaign (2017-2020) that aims to celebrate and inspire the next generation of male dancers, as we prepare to celebrate the Academy’s centenary in 2020.

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