Monthly Care Plan Service

50% off!  Now £25.00

Hi and thank you for being interested in this monthly care plan.


I am delighted you would like to work with me and look forward for us both helping improve your current situation.


Through the pandemic I desired to help more people than those I attended physically.  With the use of online services being more prominent currently, I was able to trial if my idea of helping people remotely works.  The outcomes where fab - yes I am bias... but I have statistic and client proof!  I was able to help through video calls with movement and exercise plans.  Pain levels were monitored together with mental state awareness for wellbeing.  All coming together in a healthy growth of improvement and better quality of life.  ALL individuals had made improvements and were happy with the communication because they felt they were being heard, supported and getting help with their pain.  


This service is about meeting and improving your individual needs.

Be realistic

Be happy

Be free of pain!

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What You Get For Your Money

By joining this monthly care plan you will receive:

1) Video Consultation doing a physical assessment and mobility exercises (One off) - worth £30

2) Devised exercise plan and development work (ongoing). - worth £50

3) A review - video call to update and review health (ongoing). - worth £30

4) Discount codes for online classes (you get 20% off)

5) Access to resources in rehabilitation work. 

You will need a smart phone, tablet or PC that has a working camera so we can video call. 

Working in my field is not possible through voice calls only.

As you can see this is a great opportunity that is discounted a massive 50% from £50 a month to just £25 to keep costs down and allows me to reach more people to help.

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I look forward to working with you

Gill x