FreeStand Films

Ongoing collaboration with this company - Check it out :)

Coach / Mentor / Consultant

I have had many experiences as a freelancer, working in educational organisations, working within commercial businesses and not forgetting with my own theatre business and training academy.  


Through years of teaching at many levels, for various age groups and abilities; my skills , knowledge and expertise are available to help others.  

I work with LMI Solutions providing occupational health and safety implementations within their factory.  

I work with FreeStand Films as a creative project manager and mentor.

I work with small businesses as an online coach to help them develop their business to the next level.  

I work as a personal mentor to individuals to help them achieve.

So please ask away, connect, chat and see if I can help you.  Click and connect :)

Dance Adjudicator

I have been honoured to judge for the Allied Dancing Association on their Disco competitions, for British Championships and private dance event companies.  

My biography link is attached

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