Injury Treatments

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Whether you are a dancer or not, if you have pain you need it seeing to - Love this pic :) 


Through sport massage, rehabilitation and exercises, I work with people to gain their best function from their body.  I am privileged to work with a broad age range so just because you may see 'SPORT' in a title doesn't mean it has anything to do with sport, it means there is a focus on the muscle function and ROM of joints that will ease or solve your pain problems. 


My sessions are 1 hour long and this website goes into detail for what I offer those in the Wigan area (North West England)

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Your email is all that is required to get this 15 page booklet. It gives facts, advice, exercise and nutrition to help you stay active for longer.  I created this for everyday use and it's targeted at general public to keep them active, moving and to help keep aches and pains away.

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